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3 Beauty Products That Are A Ripoff (or just plain useless)

Hello! I’ve started browsing a couple product review sites regularly to get a feel for what’s being released; 08Liter.com, Influenster and Tomoson.com to be specific. I find myself coming across more and more strange or just plain crazy beauty products, and I felt like shedding […]

The Geek’s Guide to Perfect Skin

Morning all!There’s a long explanation as to how Doctor Who (and other geekiness) got sucked into this post, so just bear with me! I’m constantly forgetting to exfoliate, I plan on going to town with a face scrub at least twice a week, but I’m […]

I’m giving my toes more love, (and why you should too!)

Hello Lovelies! I’m absolutely horrible at keeping my toes pretty and polished, even though I do my nails a couple times a week, I’ll do my toes maybe once a month, sometimes I go longer between polishes. It’s mostly because it’s a pain to get […]

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