3 Beauty Products That Are A Ripoff (or just plain useless)


I’ve started browsing a couple product review sites regularly to get a feel for what’s being released; 08Liter.com, Influenster and Tomoson.com to be specific. I find myself coming across more and more strange or just plain crazy beauty products, and I felt like shedding some light on these shady products. Most of these ideas have been floating around for a while; they’re not by any means new to the beauty game, but I still wanted to chip in my two cents.

1. Lip Plumpers
The most recent lipstick I’ve tried that has fallen into this gimmick is Nakeup’s Liptoxtic line. Liptoxtic uses the chemical Volufiline, but most plumping products use irritants like menthol, mint extract, cinnamon extract, or even capsaicin (the main ingredient of pepper spray). Too Faced released a lip plumper using capsaicin; I’ve been finding it used all over the price spectrum, both high and low end products have used this trick.
These aren’t dangerous per say, but I find it scary that these products are basically causing a minor allergic reaction just to plump your lips for a few minutes.

2. Breathable Nail Polish

Before I jump into my thoughts on these products I just want to add a side note, it’s wonderful that these permeable formulas have become readily available for those who cannot wear standard lacquers due to religious reasons, my beef is only with the benefits that brands associate with these formulas. 

Orly released a Breathable Treatment line last year, and in press releases they claim that the permeable formula allows oxygen through the lacquer to the nail bed, and that this will strengthen and nourish your nails??

First off, from a medical standpoint, your nails are made of dead keratin cells; the exact same as a strand of hair. There is absolutely no benefit to be had from letting your nails “breathe” because they physically can’t do it! Now if you’re worried about staining from constant use of dark polishes, that is a real result of non-stop polish use. My nails have been stained a light peachy orange the past couple years because I constantly change colors, and to be honest it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. SimplyNailogical published an awesome video explaining how our obsession with white nails is actually damaging, if you haven’t seen it yet I highly suggest it!

3. Oil Infused Nail Polishes

Argan oil seems to be plastered everywhere you look nowadays, and of course brands like Sally Hansen and Nails Inc had to get in on this fad.

Straight argan oil is amazing when applied directly to your nail, I’ve used it as a cuticle oil and have seen amazing results in my cuticles and nail health. But when it’s blended into nail polish, you’re not going to see any of the benefits of the oil. My number one concern is that alcohol actually dissolves oil, and secondly the nail polish to oil ratio is so low that you’re barely getting any oil contact with the nail.

Racked wrote an article testing 10+ nail polishes that range from boasting almond oil to activated charcoal, and across the board they unfortunately give insignificant results.

What are your pet peeves when it comes to products hopping onto the trend of the day? 

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