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Starting a beauty blog: Things I wish I knew

Starting a beauty blog: Things I wish I knew

To be fair, when I first started publishing my musings online I was too young to think about making a serious impression in the blogosphere. I was mainly writing to kill time, unlike today where I write to share my experiences in the beauty world and […]

I Dew Care Disco Kitten

I Dew Care Disco Kitten

Disco Kitten Illuminating Peel-Off Mask I actually bought this mask by accident to be perfectly honest! I’ve been trying to track down a tub of Space Kitten for eons, but for some reason, it’s constantly out of stock at my local beauty store. On my last visit a […]

Jack o’ Lantern Nails w/ Born Pretty

Jack o’ Lantern Nails w/ Born Pretty

Halloween Stamped Nails

First Halloween nails of the year!

October is simply not long enough to satisfy my immense craving for Halloween nail art so I’m getting a head start this year! If stores are going to shove Christmas crap in my face this early in the year, I feel compelled to squeeze every drop out of the Halloween season (the best season) that I possibly can. Born Pretty enabled my creepy nail art addiction by sending me some new creepy stamping plates.

This post contains affiliate links; if you snag a deal through my link it will send some spare change my way to keep this slice of the internet up and running.

Halloween Nail Stamping Plate

This is the BP-L005 stamping nail plate.  I love plates that mix single images, full coverage designs, and a mish-mash image. That clump of interlocking characters in the center of the plate is what I call a mish-mash. You can easily create dozens of different designs by stamping in a slightly different place on the plate, I especially enjoy using the mish-mash for my accent nail.

Black White Stamped Nails

Mani Ingredients:

I also created the manicure below using the same plate but different images. It’s amazing how many different ways you can use just one plate! I used the same polish to stamp with as the first mani and the gorgeous pastel green is KB Shimmer Daisy About You. I got a kick out of using this preppy spring polish in my Halloween mani, the purple and green hex glitters were screaming to be used in a witchy design.

Pastel Witch Goth Nails

Born Pretty makes some of my favorite nail stamping plates, and at $3-5 bucks a pop you can’t beat them! If you ever order a plate you can use my code: ALEE10 to get 10% off your entire order!

How to do gel nails at home

How to do gel nails at home

Hello lovelies! I’ve been painting gel nails at home for over five years and after seeing all of your comments on my DIY gel nail kit giveaway, I realized that a surprising amount of people find the idea of doing gel nails too daunting.So this will […]

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Hello lovelies! I just reviewed the DIY beauty book Fresh & Pure by Jules Aron, and as promised I’m dishing all the details on my first creation using one of the recipes. I’m a coffee addict, so of course I whipped up an amazing batch of […]

DIY gel nail kit giveaway

DIY gel nail kit giveaway

Hey Y’all!

I’ve been itching to put together a beginner’s gel nail kit giveaway for ages. I’m known around my office as the lady with a different eye-catching nail art design every other day so it’s safe to say I’m the go-to gal in the building to talk nail art/care with. But…..I’m constantly cringing at the prices I hear women paying for a sub-par set of gel nails that I could do myself at home (and probably a better job too!).

DIY Gel Nails Kit Giveaway

I know putting together your own gel kit for the very first time seems intimidating; this giveaway is to help one lucky reader out, but also to show how easy it is to get started! I’ll have each prize linked to where you can find them online, and they’re all of great quality and thoroughly tested by moi.

This post contains affiliate links; if you snag a deal through my link it will send some spare change my way to keep this slice of the internet up and running.

The gel nail kit giveaway prizes:

Green Brown Gel Nail Polish

There will be two gel polishes, a sea foam green shade + a dark brown polish. You can use pretty much any brush to apply gel polish but I’m throwing one in just for fun. This is actually the same brush I use. I haven’t used the two specific shades above, but I have used quite a few different colors from the same brand and they’ve been great.

Born Pretty Gel Polish

Next, we have a gel top and base coat, and last but not least, the lamp itself! This is a UV/LED  gel polish lamp so you can use it with any gel polish and it’s very easy to use. It has a sensor that turns it on automatically when you place your nails underneath the lamp. You can also set it to 30/60 seconds of curing before the light shuts off.

Gel Nail Polish Lamp

How to enter the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment and let me know what kind of nail design you’d create if you won the set!
  • Include either your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest handle, or email address so that I can get in touch with you if you win 🙂
  • This giveaway will also be posted on all my social media, visit those posts as well to snag bonus entries! FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram
  • Giveaway will run until 9/15/18 or until there are at least 100 entries.
Fresh & Pure: DIY Beauty Balms, & Cleanser Recipes

Fresh & Pure: DIY Beauty Balms, & Cleanser Recipes

Hello lovelies! I finally kicked my naughty habit of zoning out while endlessly scrolling on my phone during breaks at the office. I never get anything done, and considering I’m typing on a computer my entire shift it’d be beneficial to get away from a screen […]

A Beginner’s Guide: Picking the Perfect Face Mask

A Beginner’s Guide: Picking the Perfect Face Mask

Hi there! If you knew how many face masks I’ve stuffed in my beauty drawer you would think a whole pack of skincare fanatics lived in my little apartment, but you’d be wrong, there’s just little old me! I’ve never understood those people who can’t […]

Best Bakery in Pike’s Place Seattle: The Hunt

Best Bakery in Pike’s Place Seattle: The Hunt

Pike's Place Bakery

Hi there!

I just got home from a long weekend spent wandering Seattle and I’ve noticed a trend in my camera gallery from the trip. I have maybe 5% at the most pictures of scenery and my fiance, and the other 95% is food! My main focus is very clear, haha.

One of our main haunts over the weekend was Pike’s Market and I was on a mission to find the best Seattle bakery.

This post contains sponsored and affiliate links; if you snag a deal through my link it may send spare change my way to keep this slice of the internet up and running.


Hunting for the Best Bakery in Seattle Pike’s Market

Our first stop was the aptly named Pike’s Place Bakery, it’s a small shop encircled by tempting glass cases full flaky pastries and it’s right by the entrance of the market so it caught my eye right away!

Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture before we scarfed them down, but we snagged two chocolate chip cream cheese cannolis for our breakfast on the first day. $5.00 a pop seemed a little steep but they were huge and tasty. They were almost on the too sweet side, so I probably won’t come back for another, but I would definitely try something else from the bakery the next time.

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery

Piroshky Piroshky, Seattle WA

Our next stop was Piroshky Piroshky. It’s right across the street from the main market. We made a quick circuit of Pike’s Market to scope out our choices for our breakfast and when we walked past the door the delicious scent of bread wafting from the open bakery literally stopped me dead in my tracks. There was a very intimidating line of people waiting out front when we first passed so we came back the next morning to score some yummy pastries.

They specialize in traditional Russian pastries. We got three savory pieces of bread, but they also cater to people with a sweet tooth with sticky buns, fruity bread, and sweeter nutty pastries.

Piroshky Piroshky Pastries
Seattle Bakery Case

My favorite was definitely the smoked salmon pate, it was stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and dill, all wrapped in a flaky fish-shaped pastry! My fiance snagged a beef and onion pie, and we both got garlic cheese rolls to nibble on while making the long trek home. Everything was delicious, I desperately wish they had a location closer to home! Or I maybe I just need to hone my personal baking skills… I’ve experimented with a bread machine but I’ve only gone as far as dinner rolls and sandwich bread. I’d love to branch out into something more advanced, I’ve been browsing new baking tools on Village Bakery to expand my arsenal, someday I’ll get there and actually bake instead of painting goodies on my nails!

Smoked Salmon Pastry

Serious Pie Seattle, Wa

The last joint we visited was Serious Pie, a tiny wood-fired pizzeria just down the road from our hotel. We lucked out by ordering during their half-price happy hour so our bill wasn’t too scary. I did think their menu was a little too pricey when I checked out their full prices; $19.00 is just too steep for a personal pizza!

I chose the prosciutto cotto, blueberry, and taleggio pie. It was definitely yummy, and I would never have thought to top a pizza with blueberries!

Serious Pie Seattle

Do you have a favorite bakery in Seattle?

Wet and Wild On Edge Creme Eyeliner Review

Wet and Wild On Edge Creme Eyeliner Review

Hi there! It took me years to finally settle on a go-to eyeliner; my ultimate holy grail was Hard Candy Walk The Line in Asphalt.  My trusty tube had weathered through dozens of my signature cat eye look, but unfortunately, my tube gave up the ghost last […]