I’m giving my toes more love, (and why you should too!)

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I’m absolutely horrible at keeping my toes pretty and polished, even though I do my nails a couple times a week, I’ll do my toes maybe once a month, sometimes I go longer between polishes. It’s mostly because it’s a pain to get into yoga-like positions just to paint them, and since my pinkie toenails are so tiny, I usually have a ton of cleanup afterward.
But I was bored a couple nights ago, and instead of my usual plain color change I added some polka dots, I even squeezed some onto my tinier nails. I really like having these peek out of heels, or while wearing flip flops, and it got me thinking about toenail art.

I’ve started to post more on Instagram, and I hesitated before uploading a pic of my newly polished toes. I rarely ever see pics of toenail art, and when I do people tend to put a disclaimer at the top saying, “Warning toes ahead!” I’ve never understood why people have this weird taboo about posting pics of toes, unless it’s either a tiny baby’s nails, or in teen magazines with perfectly tanned and pedicured girls.
My pinkie toes do curl in kind of strangely, but I’ve never thought they would gross out someone. Fingers and nails come in all shapes and sizes, long, skinny, short, fat, and that’s considered perfectly normal, so why not toes too?

I was flipping through these magazines, my mom gave them to me as a belated b-day present, and since they’re pretty picture heavy the whole japanese thing wasn’t a problem. I’ve recently really gotten into the styles of japanese nail art, especially the cute girly designs and pastel colors.
As I was flipping through I was really surprised by pages and pages completely devoted to toenail art, and not just polka dots and stripes, full blown intricate and gorgeous designs!

These models don’t have picture perfect feet, there are lots of different shapes of feet here. I’m planning on trying some of these designs, I spend hours on my nails, why not spend a little time on my toes too? 
I would  love to hear your thoughts about this, do you want to see more toenail art out there, or would you rather not see them at all?

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