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About Me/Contact

Hi there!

I’m Alexandria, nice to meet ya! Welcome to A girl and her chicken named Betty!

I first created this website to share my crafting projects and nail art designs, but over the years it has blossomed into a kaleidoscope of everything that’s going on in my life. You’ll find everything from OOTDs, nail art, cosplay projects, beauty, skincare reviews, pretty much a scoop of everything!

The story behind the quirky name:

Once upon a time when I dreamed up this site, I actually owned a chicken named Betty. I was a teen when I chose the site name; I would almost definitely go with something non-chicken related if I was striking out today, but I’ve become pretty attached to the name over the years.

Even though a chicken doesn’t exactly mesh with the beauty scene, I’m sticking with her through thick and thin! I’d love to hear any questions, ideas, or suggestions you might have! You can get a hold of me at contact@agirlandherchickennamedbetty.com

A girl and her chicken named Betty

This website is written and edited by Alexandria Brady. If there are any questions regarding this website, you may contact me using the information below.

20 E Airport Rd Box #186,
Lebanon, OR, 97355

Last Edited on 2018-07-04