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Should clay masks make skin feel tight?

About GirlChickBetty

My name is Alexandria and I’m the woman behind the curtain running A girl and her chicken named Betty!

I first created this website way back in 2013 on good ol’ blogspot.com to share crafting projects and nail art designs, but over the years it has evolved into the GirlChickBetty website. I’m a skincare and beauty nerd that watched way too many episodes of MythBusters in my impressionable youth which lead to the creation of GirlChickBetty. I love to break down skincare myths and truly put products to the test!

I’ve been publishing beauty content for 7+ years and reviewing skincare for 5+ years which ultimately led to me creating this space to put my love of skincare to good use!

The story behind the insanely long url:

Once upon a time when I started this blog, I actually owned a chicken named Betty (see the chicken in question below). I never got around to changing my domain name even though my site content has drastically changed multiple times. Chickens don’t exactly mesh with the beauty scene but I’ve become attached to the name and have decided that I’m sticking with it! 

A girl and her chicken named BettyContact Me

I can be reached anytime at contact@agirlandherchickennamedbetty.com

You can also message me at the GirlChickBetty Facebook page for a faster response here: https://www.facebook.com/girlchickbetty



This website is written and edited by Alexandria Brady. If there are any questions regarding this website, you may contact me using the information below:

2532 Santiam HWY SE #321
Albany, OR, 97322