The Geek’s Guide to Perfect Skin

Morning all!

There’s a long explanation as to how Doctor Who (and other geekiness) got sucked into this post, so just bear with me! I’m constantly forgetting to exfoliate, I plan on going to town with a face scrub at least twice a week, but I’m lazy and either forget or don’t bother getting out my face brush until my skin is in dire straits and needs some quality time asap.

And then because my brain is a strange place, I had the metal image of a mini Dalek who’s main purpose in life is to remind me to “EXFOLIATE!”
I think that would be just the thing to add to my skin routine, don’t we all need a little mass murdering alien to keep our skin in check? 
So that’s how you ended up here, in my geeky guide to better skin!

So after you’ve gotten exfoliation down, you have to moisturize! Lately I’ve been using jojoba oil every night to finish off my skincare routine, and then to treat any blemishes I’ll use a bit of tea tree oil and massage it in with the jojoba oil. 
I can’t stress enough how important this is, when you cleanse your skin and strip it of all those oils and dirt, you have to replenish it, even if it’s just a cheap plain lotion, be generous and slather it on every night (because you don’t want to look like Cassandra up there do ya?).

If Dean can rock the classic green mud so can you!

And my final tip of the day, face masks are your best friend, if you’ll just let them! I have quite the artillery that I’ve collected over the years, but basically you should have a mud/clay mask for oily days, a peel off of some kind for blackheads, and lastly a moisturizing mask for when your skin is feeling dried out (I should use these more often…). Mud masks are my favorite because I find it entertaining to watch them crack after they dry, haha.
You can use moisturizing masks as often as your heart desires, but be careful not to go overboard with clay masks because using them too often can actually make your skin produce even more oil than you started with.
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Pop over again sometime~

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