Little Black Lace Dress

Black Lace Dress
Hello Lovelies!

I was looking for any excuse to snap some shots of my gorgeous new room divider, and showcasing a little black dress is a good of an excuse as any!

I snatched this divider up at a Goodwill for $15.00; it needs a bit of TLC, but it’s nothing some wood glue won’t fix!
I was gifted this dress for review, you can find it’s listing here on Amazon.
This is one of those pieces of clothing that look gorgeous on the hanger, but not so much once it’s worn. I think this is mainly due to the simple cut, it’s not flattering on a curvy shape, but I think it’d look great on a leaner build.

Black Lace Dress

The lace reminds me a bit of daisies. It’s loosely attached so this would have to be hand washed. The material wrinkles easily, I probably should have ironed this before photos, but honestly I only iron cosplay outfits nowadays, haha. I don’t care enough about wrinkles in any other circumstance to haul out my ironing set up!

I’ll play around with some belts and shrugs to see if I can make it look flattering before I give up because it is a cute design at heart!

Black Lace Dress

Do you have a favorite little black dress in your closet?

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