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Little Black Lace Dress

Hello Lovelies! I was looking for any excuse to snap some shots of my gorgeous new room divider, and showcasing a little black dress is a good of an excuse as any! I snatched this divider up at a Goodwill for $15.00; it needs a […]

Mini Thrifty Haul

Hello! One of my favorite thrift shops held a 50% sale on President’s Day and I wanted to show off a few of the pieces I got!You can’t see it unless you get up close and personal, but this jacket has a subtle snakeskin shimmer print […]

Thrifted OOTD

Hello lovelies! I thought I’d try a different kind of post today, I’ve starting hitting up the thrift shops and good will bins more often as of late, and this dress was one of my favorite pieces from my last haul. The shoes are an […]

How I got nearly 100 polishes for six dollars!

Morning all! Awesome thrift finds are one of my favorite things in the world, and when you combine polish with that, I’m over the moon!I was trawling the goodwill bins in Portland, and they had a ton of weird grab bags for 6$ each, most […]

Portland Thrift Finds

Morning! I went to the Portland goodwill bins for the very first time last Saturday, and I came home with quite the haul! By far the best thing I found was this dark jade sateen dress, the brand is Words, but with such a simple […]

The tale of my seven dollar polish cabinet

Morning everyone!I’ve been storing my polish hoard in stackable flat plastic boxes for the past year, and it has gotten pretty out of hand, the boxes are way too heavy to move around so I’d been ignoring all my shimmers for ages because they’re on […]

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