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Little Black Lace Dress

Hello Lovelies! I was looking for any excuse to snap some shots of my gorgeous new room divider, and showcasing a little black dress is a good of an excuse as any! I snatched this divider up at a Goodwill for $15.00; it needs a […]

Beauty Ally Makeup Brushes

Hello all!This is less of an intelligent review, and more of a “ooh pretty brushes” spam, I hit that perfect golden hour while taking these pictures, and these brushes are too gorgeous to only have one or two pics.Beauty Ally sent these over for me […]

Giveaway! Glory Eye Bright Gel by Yalmeh

Hello Lovelies! I have a review/giveaway for you lovelies today! I was sent the Glory Eye Bright Gel by Yalmeh to review a couple days ago and wanted to tell you what I think of it! It comes in a pretty blue tube inside a […]

Adovia day cream review

Hello Lovelies!I have a review for you today, this is Adovia’s moisturizing day cream. The packaging says it has dead sea minerals, aloe vera, chamomile, and that all skin types can use it. It comes in a super thick glass jar, and the cream itself […]

Cleopatra’s Choice shea butter review

Hello Lovelies!I have a review to show you guys today, I was sent a tub of 100% pure african shea butter by Cleopatra’s Choice, and I wanted to tell you guys what I think of it!  Since I change my nails so frequently, my cuticles […]

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