How long should you wear a sheet mask?

How long to wear a sheet mask

How long should you wear a sheet mask?

15-25 minutes is the best wear time for your favorite skincare treat. If you notice the fabric starting the dry out that’s also a sign it’s time to take it off. Gel face masks can be worn for even longer! One of my all-time favorite sheet masks by Spa Life is a lace hydrogel combo that stays moist for 40+ minutes. You can find it on Amazon here.

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Can you wear a sheet mask for too long?

Yes, it’s actually possible to wear a sheet mask too long! The sweet spot to chill in your sheet mask is 15-20 minutes. But also be sure to read the instructions before slapping on a new mask; the time frame can vary depending on the ingredients. If you wait until the mask starts to dry it can actually start drawing moisture back out from your skin and undo all that hard work you just went through! 

When should you take off a sheet mask?

Always take off your sheet mask while it is still slightly damp so you can get the most moisturizing benefits as possible. We all want more bang for our buck right? You can also squeeze the excess serum from the packet onto your mask to get an extra punch of moisture. If the sheet is already saturated enough, that extra liquid can be used on your neck, decolletage, arms, or anywhere else that you think deserves a pick me up.

How long should you wear a sheet mask

Should you rinse off the extra moisture from your sheet mask?

If you find yourself with excess liquid after removing a sheet mask make sure to pat it into your skin. You want to soak up every last drop! You can also massage this down into your neck and decolletage; these areas get ignored far too often. If you’re wanting to rinse your face afterward because the sheet mask left it feeling tacky this may be due to your skin type not meshing well with the mask formula.

For instance; oily skin types can benefit from moisturizing formulas but if your skin doesn’t need a huge moisture bomb it can leave you feeling sticky. This is also true for the flip side of things! If you have dry skin stay away from charcoal rich formulas or masks rich with oil control ingredients like tea tree oil. Too much of a good thing can wreak havoc even with the best of intentions. If you need help finding the right mask check out my beginner’s guide for picking the perfect face mask.

When to remove sheet mask

How to make your sheet mask last longer

If you’re not quite ready to end your relaxation time you can make a sheet mask stay damp longer by incorporating them into your shower or bath routine. The steamy air will give a super boost to your skin’s moisture absorption and leave you feeling like you just had a luxury spa facial.

Another way to upgrade a sheet mask is to apply a complementary serum to your skin right before applying the sheet mask. For instance, I will apply a moisturizing product like a hyaluronic acid serum moments before smoothing on a mask. The sheet mask will help the serum sink in more effectively and the extra moisture will leave your skin feeling amazing.

How to wear a sheet mask

Can you wear a sheet mask overnight?

You definitely do not want to fall asleep wearing a sheet mask. If you let the mask completely dry you’re actually going to have even dryer skin than when you started! If you’d like to explore some skincare products you can use while you catch some Z’s there are overnight masks called sleeping packs that are designed specifically to apply before bed!

You apply the sleeping pack after your regular skin routine and then try not to roll around too much after getting into bed. I sleep on my back so I’ve always loved sleeping pack face masks, but if you’re used to a different sleeping position this kind of mask is probably not for you. They do tend to dry down to a gel so they’re not too messy, but definitely not a great option if you sleep on your stomach.

Once the morning rolls around you rinse off the leftover mask residue to reveal lush moisturized skin. Sleeping packs are an absolute lifesaver for me in the colder months when my skin starts to dry out. My absolute favorite sleeping pack is from Etude House’s bubble tea line, it comes in an array of different tea scented “flavors” so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your taste.


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