Kocostar Fruit Slice Mask Sheet

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A new breed of face mask has popped into the beauty blogosphere, slice face masks! I first stumbled upon these in my Instagram feed, they were created by a Korean company called Kocostar. Affiliate links below, this just means if you snag a deal through my link it will send some spare change my way to help keep this slice of the internet up and running 🙂 They sell a huge variety on their website, but I bought my kiwi and strawberry mask from Amazon to take advantage of my prime shipping. Kocostar has a flat shipping rate of $5.00 which isn’t too pricy, so if you don’t have prime by all means head straight to their website! They also offer free shipping for orders over $20.00.

fruit slice mask

The individual slices of fruit aren’t just cute, they’re actually rather clever! Kocostar advises that you can use them anywhere on your body, they’re not limited to just your face like other pre-cut sheet masks. My shoulders tend to get a little dry in the summer; I imagine these would be lovely to use to bounce back from the dry summer heat! I’ve also seen people using them on their forearms and legs, I don’t think I would get much benefit from doing that, but it’s awesome how versatile these can be! If you have a little one who wants to get in on the pampering it would be super easy to pop one of each side of their face, I’ve seen some adorable mother/daughter duos modeling these on Instagram.

I popped a few strawberry slices on and then plopped on my couch to play some Ark while they worked their magic. The serum is a thick consistency with a sweet berry scent; it’s a tad on the sticky side so you do have to rinse your face off after taking them off. The strawberries left my skin feeling hydrated and gave me that glossy moisturized sheen that a quality moisturizer will cause.

face mask

I haven’t tried out the kiwis yet because I’m going through an oily patch and have been using mud masks to tame my pores before I head back to moisturizing masks, but I’ll be sure to let you lovelies know what I think once I do!

Do you want to try out a slice mask or would you rather stick with a full face mask? Shoot me a comment below!

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