How to find Korean sheet mask bargains online

Korean Sheet Masks

Why I love Korean Sheet Masks

Korean sheet masks are the absolute perfect storm of cutesy, cheap and fun to lure me into buying alllll the kawaii masks. They frequently have super cute packaging, are usually inexpensive at 3-5 bucks a mask, and they’ve become very easy to get your hands on with tons of stores stocking them nowadays. I also find it more appealing to keep a hoard of sheet masks than a jumble of tubed face masks. It’s so much easier to slap one of these on while you veg out to Netflix or to get some moisturizing in while writing up a storm.

Skeleton Sheet Masks

While endlessly scrolling on Instagram, I came upon a beauty subscription box that specializes in Korean sheet masks. It’s called Piibu Box and comes in at $20 a month for 6-10 face masks. At face value, it seemed like a great deal but I had the idea to find past Piibu box reviews and then search each item individually to tally up the retail price and see if the $20 price tag actually balanced out.

Where to Buy Cheap Sheet Masks

While searching up the masks I stumbled upon the site Beauty Net Korea and discovered a treasure trove of insanely cheap and kawaii sheet masks. I ordered 10 masks for under $15.00 which also included the international shipping charge. The masks ranged from $0.40 to $1.50 each; I was utterly blown away by the pricing.

Unique Sheet Masks

Was the Shipping Expensive?

The shipping came in at $6.00, I played around on the site a bit and found that the shipping is based off weight and it’s very reasonable considering it’s shipping from overseas. Shipping for a single mask was around $2.00; with masks coming in at under a buck you’ll still come out cheaper than buying from a box store like Ulta or Sephora. The package took 3 weeks to arrive, and that was after shipping with the cheapest option. They do offer fast shipping rates, but I’m fine with being patient to save some money.

Beauty Net Korea gets a big thumbs up from me, but I am very curious now to see if I can find more foreign wholesale beauty sites to buy from in the future.

Do you have any go-to shopping spots for beauty and skincare? I’d love help with enabling my shopping bug!

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  1. Hi. There’s another popular K-Beauty online store which I usually get my supply of Korean sheet masks. Try Althea Korea – 🙂

    1. I’ll have to check them out! 😀

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