DIY Simply Peel for 1 dollar?!

Morning all!

I’ve been watching a TON of Simply Nailogical lately, and if you don’t know her channel, her holy grail nail product is Simply Peel. It’s a peel off liquid latex for messy nail art, but it’s 12 bucks a bottle! And I’m suspecting it would dry out before I could even get near finishing off a bottle, so I set off to see if I could make it myself.

I’ve hunted for cheap palisade alternatives in the past, a few months back everyone was using Super Bond hair glue from Sally Beauty Supply, or making diy mixtures from Elmer’s glue but I didn’t have much luck with Elmer’s, and I can’t stand the ammonia smell with hair glue.

I found this awesome tutorial by Sandi Alexi, she actually just bought some liquid latex off of Amazon, and mixed it with glitter to mimic the Simply Peel formula, and it seems to be nearly identical!

I bought the same brand of latex, and I already had a nearly empty nail polish bottle and nail art glitter lying around. I did the math, and this works out to almost a dollar a bottle, that’s a steal compared to the 12$ Simply Peel!

I jerry-rigged a funnel with some tin foil and mixed a good amount of silver glitter in my latex, the glitter makes it way easier to see once it’s dry.

I did a quick gradient to test out it’s peeling capabilities, and it passed the “simply peel like no big deal” test with flying colors! I let the polish dry completely so it left a little behind, next time I’ll peel it off right after sponging to get an even cleaner finish.
I’ll be doing a full post on the gradient nails tomorrow!

Pop by again sometime~

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