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Fairy Flower Crowns

Morning all!I’ve had this flower crown gathering dust on my polish cabinet for weeks, and god knows I’m never going to actually wear it, so to give it some well deserved attention, I whipped together this glittery gradient inspired by it~I started with a gradient […]

Neapolitan Gradient

Morning all!These are some test run nails I did while making my diy Simply Peel, I basically grabbed the polishes that were closest to hand, because I focused on testing my peel off concontion, but it actually came together into a coherent pretty gradient!Mani ingredients:China […]

DIY Simply Peel for 1 dollar?!

Morning all!I’ve been watching a TON of Simply Nailogical lately, and if you don’t know her channel, her holy grail nail product is Simply Peel. It’s a peel off liquid latex for messy nail art, but it’s 12 bucks a bottle! And I’m suspecting it […]

Return of The Rainbows

Morning all!The rainbows have returned! Designs like this are insanely easy to do, and have such a gorgeous payout~They were inspired by these nails by Konad Addict, I changed them up by stamping the design over the top of my gradient instead of using stencils, but […]

Starry Seafoam

Good morning lovelies! I wanted to do a gradient something, but that felt too plain, so I used a ton of glitter, studs, and a huge nail charm, and ended up with this shiny blinged out hot mess.The color scheme was loosely inspired by these nails, sadly […]

Blog makeover with nails to match!

Hello Lovelies! I had gotten tired of my old blog layout so I embarked on an entire overhaul of the blog, and I’m loving my new look! I thought it would be fitting if my first post after the makeover had nails in the new […]

It’s not easy being green

Hello Lovelies! I was playing around with the new Salon Perfect neons, and I came up with this bright gradient! This started with a base of Salon Perfect Loopy Lime, and then I created the gradient with L.A Colors Colors Craze Seashell and Salon Perfect […]

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Hello Lovelies! I got Kiki’s Delivery Service on dvd a couple days ago, and it reminded me how much I love the movie. I painted Kiki and Jiji peeking up from the tips of my nails, and turnip head on my thumb, he’s always been […]

Whenever you’re sad, just remember that it’s the Dementors’ fault and it’s perfectly okay to eat lots of chocolate

Hello Lovelies! I think these nails go to prove that I will turn absolutely anything into a nail design, I picked up some scrumptious truffles shaped like marbles a while ago and they were begging me to do some nails inspired by them.I started off […]

Watercolor tribal gradient nails

Hello Lovelies! I tried a new kind of gradient today, I used four polishes and swiped them on a sponge in a 2×2 square, so not the usual line of stripes. I sponged them over a white base to make the blues really pop, I […]

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