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DIY Mermaid Scale Blush

Hello, Lovelies! I shattered my favorite blush a couple weeks ago by dropping it on the counter, and just now had some time to fix it. The mixing broken makeup with rubbing alcohol trick has been floating around for ages, but I’ve added my own twist […]

DIY Instant Makeup Brush Cleanser

Morning all! I bought the ingredients for this many moons ago, but somehow the plastic bag got lost in my closet, which I found a couple days ago while I was cleaning! So I decided I’d better put together the cleanser asap before I lose the […]

DIY Simply Peel for 1 dollar?!

Morning all!I’ve been watching a TON of Simply Nailogical lately, and if you don’t know her channel, her holy grail nail product is Simply Peel. It’s a peel off liquid latex for messy nail art, but it’s 12 bucks a bottle! And I’m suspecting it […]

Wendy from Gravity Falls Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Morning all!I decided last minute while getting ready for day two of Cherry City to film a tutorial on how I do my Wendy cosplay makeup. I’ve had a couple people ask how I put her together, and I don’t really do anything too special, […]

DIY Charcoal Mask Tutorial

Good morning lovelies!I have a new face mask to show you today, and I also filmed a little demo/tutorial! I was sent this activated charcoal powder to test out, and I mixed it up with a tube of Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask to make […]

Geometric Glitter Tutorial

Good morning lovelies!I’ve pulled out one of my favorite polishes for today’s design, this is Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria, it’s a gorgeous sapphire blue glitter bomb, it’s like it was almost designed for me, haha. Mani Ingredients: Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria Pure Ice […]

How I made a classic lolita dress for under 20 bucks!

Hello Lovelies! I decided to make a tutorial for the dress, but since I didn’t actually take any process photos, I threw together (emphasis on the thrown together) some diagrams and I’ll try to explain how this dress went down and how to re-create it […]

Textured Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Lovelies! I’m trying to use my textured polishes more, and I came up with this watermelon design! I started off with a base of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle, and then I went in and added the green rind. Then I just used […]

Attack on Titan Chibi nail art

Hello Lovelies! I decided last minute to join in The Crumpet’s 31DC! Day one’s theme is use a tutorial; these nails were done using this tutorial by IHaveACupcake on Youtube. The last time I did Attack On Titan nails was in another 30DC last year, […]

I’m going to hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George

Hello Lovelies! I have an abominable tutorial for you today! Before you start wondering, no I didn’t cut my nails short, these are actually from last year and ended up not getting posted. I suppose these are vaguely Christmas themed, well at least wintery! I’ve […]

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