Beauty Ally Makeup Brushes

Hello all!

This is less of an intelligent review, and more of a “ooh pretty brushes” spam, I hit that perfect golden hour while taking these pictures, and these brushes are too gorgeous to only have one or two pics.

Beauty Ally sent these over for me to test and review, the set has 10 brushes, a mirror compact, and a carrying case that snaps together to keep the brushes safe while not in use. 

These are synthetic bristles, but they’re super soft and I only noticed a couple loose stray hairs when I first took them out of the packing. For some reason in sunlight the bristles look blue, but in normal lighting they’re just an off white which is kinda strange.
These are very dense and pick up product easily, I’ve been using the eyebrow brush and eyeshadow blur brush the most~ I wish the powder brush was a bit larger, but overall I love each of these brushes and I expect to get a ton of use out of them.

Pop by again sometime~

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