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Conquering Gel Nails

Hello! I’ve been fighting an ongoing battle with gel for a couple years now; I’ve never been able to get a set to cure properly until just now. I got a few polishes when I was reviewing for Born Pretty a few years ago, and I […]

A visual representation of Monday

Morning all!I think these nails are a perfect visual representation of how I feel about Mondays, I started out optimistically with a game plan, and they were going to look awesome, then as I finished each layer I slowly got more disappointed until I ended […]

Matte to Metallic Floral

Good morning lovelies!I’ve been experimenting with different finishes of polish lately, these nails have a matte base and then I stamped with a metallic shimmer. I didn’t use topcoat, and somehow I think the stamping pops more because of it?These started with a base of […]

Swatch Sunday: Wet n Wild Casting Call

Good morning lovelies!My camera has kicked the bucket 🙁 🙁 The zoom is totally wonky, and the lense refuses to come out.So for now I’ll have to use my cell camera, it takes semi-decent pictures, but not nearly as good as my poor camera.Today I’m […]

Louboutin Watermelons

Good morning lovelies!I’ve just now realized that Louboutin style nails are actually really easy to do with my nail length, I haven’t done a design like this in years, last time I had much shorter tips, and they were a major pain.I went for an […]

e.l.f Jumbo Lip Gloss in Movie Star

Good morning lovelies!I’ve recently started trying more new lip products, I’m mainly a EOS & Chapstick kinda girl and hardly ever find myself reaching for any lip color.But it seems like a lot of companies are coming out with lipbalm/lipstick hybrids like the Oh Sugar! line […]

Nibbled nails can grow into ladyfingers

Good morning lovelies!Nothing makes me happier than a good garage/barn/yard/moving/estate sale, and finding vintage nail polish is the icing on top! I found an old Revlon Wonder Nail from the 60’s, Revlon in Wine With Everything, and a brand I’ve never seen before, Parfait Sabled Red.After a […]

New Blog Icon!

Hello Lovelies!Did you notice my snazzy new blog icon? These are the nails I painted for it! Originally I was going to go with a chicken design, but then I realized it would hardly show up in the icon picture, so I decided to go […]

First Christmas mani of the season

Hello Lovelies!I’ve finally put something christmas-y on my nails! Woot woot~These are another submission for the Aiyoohehe 20 off challenge, and as you may guess I chose the “Merry Christmas” theme.These started with a base of Ulta Sunset Bronze and a light coat of Ulta XOXO, then I […]

Don’t worry, I speak whale

Hello Lovelies! Usually I’ve done some sort of summer watermelon nail art by now, but I’ve gotten into a rut and haven’t been able to think of anything creative, beyond just the rounded rind design.I found this adorable watermelon whale doodle by the Malaysian artist […]

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