Louboutin Watermelons

Good morning lovelies!

I’ve just now realized that Louboutin style nails are actually really easy to do with my nail length, I haven’t done a design like this in years, last time I had much shorter tips, and they were a major pain.
I went for an abstract watermelon color scheme, I used a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dry Jade Jump, then I stamped it with a no-name Rue Beaute! and BM-418.

For my tips I used basecoat, then Color Club Reddy or Not, and a dotting tool for the watermelon seeds. I didn’t use topcoat because I was afraid to smear the black detailing. I used a small brush dipped in acteone to clean up the polish at the base of my nail tips.

Pop over again tomorrow morning!

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