My Top 2019 Beauty Blogger Tools

Today we’re talking about my top 2019 beauty blogger tools (no, not makeup tools for once!). I’ve rounded up my favorite editors, scheduling tools, social media tools, and more!

2019 Blogger Tools

Free Beauty Stock Photos

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to style and shoot photos for a rambly post but you don’t want to throw a huge block of text at your readers. Stock photos are your best friend for this situation; they will save you time plus snazz up an otherwise lackluster chunk of text. Unsplash is my go-to spot for free stock photos. All of their content is free to do whatever you want with it, with no credit needed.

Beauty Blogger Tools

Pinterest Image Editor

I love Foto Jet when it comes to editing stock photos into eye-catching graphics and creating Pinterest images. It’s a free online editing tool with tons of cute templates, font choices, and clipart to easily superimpose over your selected image. I actually used Foto Jet for today’s post, as you can see it creates amazing images and you can’t beat their zero-dollar price tag!

Free Instagram Scheduler

Later has been a lifesaver during these last few months. My work schedule 100% clashes with the times my Instagram audience is most active. Before I started using Later, I was only able to post at crazy late night hours.

Later offers a free and paid membership. I’m currently using the free plan, but if you post more than once a day I think the paid option would be well worth the fee. The one drawback I’ve found with the free membership is there is a 5 MB limit to save photos. I will be pulling the trigger on a membership pretty quick here. If you already subscribe to Later I would love to hear about your experiences!

Pinterest Scheduling Tool

The next suggestion is a case of do what I say not what I do haha. I hear nothing but glowing reviews and success stories around the Pinterest scheduler Tailwind. I’ve held off subscribing to Tailwind because I’ve been struggling with consistently posting content and I don’t want to invest in a subscription until I get my schedule under control and get back on my bloggy horse so to speak.

Instagram Hashtag Suggestions

You can also use their Instagram hashtag suggestions for free by starting a draft without publishing it. If you’re under a strict budget I would suggest using the hashtag suggestions from Tailwind and then copying them into Later’s publishing tool. It will also shade each hashtag to let you know how much competition you’ll encounter under each tag.

What are your must have beauty blogger tools or programs?

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