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Jack o’ Lantern Nails w/ Born Pretty

Jack o’ Lantern Nails w/ Born Pretty

First Halloween nailsĀ of the year! October is simply not long enough to satisfy my immense craving for Halloween nail art so I’m getting a head start this year! If stores are going to shove Christmas crap in my face this early in the year, I […]

DIY gel nail kit giveaway

DIY gel nail kit giveaway

Hey Y’all! I’ve been itching to put together a beginner’s gel nail kit giveaway for ages. I’m known around my office as the lady with a different eye-catching nail art design every other day so it’s safe to say I’m the go-to gal in the […]

Thrifty Adventures in Portland

Hello Lovelies! You’ll find me at my happiest when I’m trawling a thrift store or digging through a Goodwill Outlet; I love hunting down a bargain and ending the day by coming home with a car full of new clothes to try to fit into […]

Cheerful Chevrons

Hello Lovelies!I haven’t pulled out any crellies in ages, so I kept today’s design pretty simple to show off the full awesomeness of Model’s Own Magpie. Magpie is a bright teal blue creme with hex and micro black glitters, shown below is three coats. I […]

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