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Month: May 2016

Fairy Flower Crowns

Morning all!I’ve had this flower crown gathering dust on my polish cabinet for weeks, and god knows I’m never going to actually wear it, so to give it some well deserved attention, I whipped together this glittery gradient inspired by it~I started with a gradient […]

Lady Queen Reviews: Cream to Powder Foundation and Liquid Lip Pigment

Morning all!I’m reviewing this makeup duo today, Lady Queen was awesome and sent me a Maycheer foundation in #013 and this Aierlisi liquid lipstick in #12!The foundation is a tad too orange for my skin, but I think later on this summer once I’m less ghostly pale […]

Neapolitan Gradient

Morning all!

These are some test run nails I did while making my diy Simply Peel, I basically grabbed the polishes that were closest to hand, because I focused on testing my peel off concontion, but it actually came together into a coherent pretty gradient!

Mani ingredients:
China Glaze In A Lily Bit
Salon Perfect Oh Snap!
Essie Chinchilly

Pop by again sometime~

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DIY Simply Peel for 1 dollar?!

Morning all!I’ve been watching a TON of Simply Nailogical lately, and if you don’t know her channel, her holy grail nail product is Simply Peel. It’s a peel off liquid latex for messy nail art, but it’s 12 bucks a bottle! And I’m suspecting it […]

Hey Mr. Owl!

Morning all!I’ve gone sepia today with some sketchy owls, I actually used just one plate for this design! Born Pretty sent me BPL-019, the one little plate has 23 different birds plus some bird cages, and they’re mostly cute hand drawn owls like the ones above~I […]

7 makeup products I’d buy for the gorgeous packaging

Morning all!

This is the sister post to “7 polishes I would buy just for the amazing bottle”, although this post is a bit more depressing, because most of these price tags are 40$+, which means I will most likely never get my hands on these, but a girl can dream right?

I’m basically in love with anything and everything Anna Sui

1. Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation 48.00

hippos and elephants?!

2. PAUL & JOE Menagerie Face & Eye Color Palette 39.00

I imagine this is what Ariel would use on dry land

3. DuWop Seashell Compact 25.00

This is gorgeous plus donates money to save the bees? Yes please!

4. ‘Save the Bees’ Eye & Cheek Palette 

I’m thinking on getting this one very soon~

5. Skull Lip Balm by Rebel’s Refinery 7.96

Aren’t these purrfect?

6. Paul and Joe Cat Lipstick

I’d almost feel bad using this up, it’s so intricate!

7. Paul and Joe Carousel Calliope Eye/Face Color 28.00

Would you bite the bullet for any of these gorgeous products? Or would you rather save your cash and splurge elsewhere?

Pop by again sometime~

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Stray cat strut

Morning all!I haven’t done any double stamping in ages, and Born Pretty plate BP-59 has a couple different insanely cute cats that I needed on my nails all at once, so first I stamped the tinier cat print in black, then I added a layer […]

Fighting evil by moonlight

Morning all! I have another Born Pretty stamping plate review, today I have this super cute sailor moon mint design to show you! I haven’t used any of my Revlon Parfumerie polishes in ages, Wintermint is my favorite from the whole line. It’s a gorgeous […]

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Morning all!

I’ve pulled my nail vinyls from the deep depths of my polish hoard once again, these are from the webshop Zanthara!
These started off with a base of OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts, then after applying the vinyls I went in with Wet n Wild Garnet My Heel Broke and Color Club Tru Passion.

These vinyls are super durable, so I got away with using five vinyls for this whole mani! I finished this off with Jordana Shiny Topcoat after letting the glitter dry a couple minutes, to prevent any smearing.

Pop by again sometime!

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Born Pretty Beauty Haul

Morning all!I’ve been saving up my points on Born Pretty and I was able to get this tiny makeup haul!Because everything is so cheap on Born Pretty I don’t feel as guilty about buying stuff just because of pretty packaging, so this time I splurged […]

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