7 makeup products I’d buy for the gorgeous packaging

Morning all!

This is the sister post to “7 polishes I would buy just for the amazing bottle”, although this post is a bit more depressing, because most of these price tags are 40$+, which means I will most likely never get my hands on these, but a girl can dream right?

I’m basically in love with anything and everything Anna Sui

1. Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation 48.00

hippos and elephants?!

2. PAUL & JOE Menagerie Face & Eye Color Palette 39.00

I imagine this is what Ariel would use on dry land

3. DuWop Seashell Compact 25.00

This is gorgeous plus donates money to save the bees? Yes please!

4. ‘Save the Bees’ Eye & Cheek Palette 

I’m thinking on getting this one very soon~

5. Skull Lip Balm by Rebel’s Refinery 7.96

Aren’t these purrfect?

6. Paul and Joe Cat Lipstick

I’d almost feel bad using this up, it’s so intricate!

7. Paul and Joe Carousel Calliope Eye/Face Color 28.00

Would you bite the bullet for any of these gorgeous products? Or would you rather save your cash and splurge elsewhere?

Pop by again sometime~

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