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Month: November 2014

Pale pastel half moons

Hello Lovelies! I went with all pastels today! I don’t have that many pale pastels though, so all my pastel nails tend to look the same..I alternated Revlon Topspeed Cloud and Revlon Color Stay Seashell for the base, the mint is NYC in a new […]

Hello my deer~

Hello Lovelies! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m a bit sick of the usual turkey nail art I usually pull out for the holiday, so went in a totally different direction with some vaguely autumn-ish nail art! My nails are loosely inspired by these nails by @newlypolished. I […]

Fuzzy Christmas Sweater Gradient with Textured Polishes

Hello Lovelies!

I painted a christmas sweater mani today, but I tried something new as well! I created a gradient with three textured polishes and then stamped over it, I wanted to use the texture to represent a fuzzy knitted sweater, and I think it worked fantastically!

I used Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Bubble Plum, Cotton Candies, and Pink Sprinkle for the gradient. I stamped with Konad white and Pueen 63, I also used a peel off base coat for the successfully for the first time! I was dreading taking off such thick layers of textured polish, it took me ages to take off the last time I wore it, and I only had on two coats then. I made my own peel off base coat using Elmer’s glue, and I’ll definitely be using it with glitter bombs in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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My girl has the keys to my heart and home

Hello Lovelies! When I painted my Coraline nails a couple days ago, I did a little key on my pinkie and was very happy with how it came out, so I did a full blown key nail art design today! I started with a base […]

Giraffes don’t just fall from the sky, Miriam!

Hello Lovelies! If you didn’t pick up on it from my strange post title, I painted some Coraline nail art! I love Coraline and realized a couple days ago that I hadn’t done any nail art for it, so I had to fix that! I […]

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart..

Hello Lovelies!

This is a bit of a continuation of my last post where I decided I needed to find a new black polish for stamping, and I think I found one! This is stamped with Sinful Colors Black On Black, when I was asking around for the best black drugstore polish Black On Black had the most votes. I was surprised by how well it did, it’s a super glossy black with a thick creme formula. I stamped it over OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts which I snagged at Ulta a couple weeks ago for 97 cents (score!).

The stamping plate is Pueen 68 and I finished it off by matting it with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

Thanks for reading!

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Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop Review & Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!I have something a bit different for you today, I’m reviewing some candles! I was sent the Coffee Shop set of Old Factory Candles, there are three candles, and the scents are hazelnut (one of my fave scents), coffee bean, and chai tea.These aren’t […]

Mint Nail Fail

Hello Lovelies!I have come to the conclusion that I just should throw out my black Konad polish, I haven’t used it in ages since it always bleeds all over the place, but while I was looking up black polishes that are good for stamping, and […]

Orycon36 2014!

Hello Lovelies!

I haven’t been being very bloggy the last couple days because I’ve been running around at Orycon in Portland! This post is just a big photo dump, but since I actually remembered to take pictures at the con, I figured I’d at least show you some of them! I was the Tardis for day one, and Nyo! England for days two and three.

L to R Tenth Doctor, Donna, TARDIS(me), and Captain Jack Harkness

Ianto from Torchwood

Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler

Eleventh Doctor and TARDIS

Luna Lovegood

Luna with her spectrespecs

America from Hetalia with a fem Captain America

Glinda The Good Witch

An awesome jellyfish cosplayer!

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Big Hero 6 Nail Art

Hello Lovelies! Usually I don’t get around to doing nail art for a movie until after I’ve seen it, but the commercials for Big Hero 6 are just so cute!I painted Baymax and the villain who’s name is apparently Yokai (that confuses me because Yokai […]

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