Fuzzy Christmas Sweater Gradient with Textured Polishes

Hello Lovelies!

I painted a christmas sweater mani today, but I tried something new as well! I created a gradient with three textured polishes and then stamped over it, I wanted to use the texture to represent a fuzzy knitted sweater, and I think it worked fantastically!

I used Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Bubble Plum, Cotton Candies, and Pink Sprinkle for the gradient. I stamped with Konad white and Pueen 63, I also used a peel off base coat for the successfully for the first time! I was dreading taking off such thick layers of textured polish, it took me ages to take off the last time I wore it, and I only had on two coats then. I made my own peel off base coat using Elmer’s glue, and I’ll definitely be using it with glitter bombs in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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