Thrifty Adventures in Portland

Hello Lovelies!

You’ll find me at my happiest when I’m trawling a thrift store or digging through a Goodwill Outlet; I love hunting down a bargain and ending the day by coming home with a car full of new clothes to try to fit into my (overflowing) closet.

Last weekend my mom and I squeezed in some quality time while hitting up my favorite shops in Portland; we came home with quite a haul!

The first stop on our jaunt was Red White & Blue. RW&B is great for finding things like full sets of china, furniture, and housewares. Unfortunately, Ikea seduced me into buying their bowls a couple weeks ago when I was hunting for a new dish set. I wish I had held off a bit longer, RW&B had a ton of adorable vintage sets with 10+ place setting for under $40.00. I’ll definitely keep them in mind for down the road when I need new dishware!

I only bought two things there, the sweater dress below, and a quirky Alice in Wonderland teacup.

I snapped a few pics of some funky items that were too weird to ignore, starting with a jug for all your moose milk needs?

And a sweater for when you want to look like a puffin (you have to be prepared for any situation!).

Next up we stopped at Deseret. I didn’t find anything here for me, but my mom did find a cute skirt. They have great prices but on the other hand, it’s really hit or miss on whether I can find anything that has to come home with me. Deseret is very selective compared to other thrift shops on what donations they will show on the floor, you can find great brands in awesome condition for low prices. To give you a bit of an idea of what to expect, I saw most of their shoes going for $4-6 bucks, dresses at $5-8 and shirts, skirts, pants at $4-6. 

I’m going to squish our last two stops together because honestly, I don’t remember what came from where! There are two Goodwill Outlets in the Portland area and we got quite a haul from both. I don’t have pictures, but my mom got around 10 pounds of batik quilt shop fabric (this usually runs $12.00 a yard) and at $1.29 per pound we tracked down every scrap of fabric in that place, haha. Below is a picspam of everything I got, almost too much stuff to write about each find!

These vintage pinup magazine stilettos are by far the weirdest item of my haul, they’re nowhere near my size, but I just couldn’t bear to put them back once I spotted them hidden in the corner of a bin. These are no longer listed on the brand’s website, but it looks like these were listed at $90-$120 back when they were new! Even if I could squeeze into them I’d break my neck with those heels, I’ll have to make do with just admiring from afar…

I got these two stag beetle pillows to decorate my reading nook. I’m surprised at how good they look with the chair and mermaid sequin pillow I already had, almost looks like I planned it in advance :p

I’ve saved the best for last, I’m head over heels for this slinky black lace number. It’s usually impossible to find a lace garment without any snags in the bins, I mean I can’t keep a brand new lacy item snag free for too long! But somehow this dress is pristine head to toe and fits like a glove.

Do you have any favorite thrift shops? What are some of your best finds? Let me know!

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