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Skincare Storage: How to store skincare and sheetmasks

I have a bad habit of scattering random products throughout the house because I brew my coffee in the morning while simultaneously trying to do my morning skincare routine. This results in bottles strewn from one end of the house to the other so some new skincare storage is definitely in order!

I deep cleaned our bathroom for the first time in a while and gathered everything in my skincare hoard together. The resulting mess gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finally go pick up some new shelves for skincare storage and straighten out my skincare corner. This also cleared out a worthy place to show off my newly re-designed blog logo sign! Smart Sign offers countless shapes and sizes of customizable signs and kindly offered to create a sign with my new logo.

Skincare Storage: How to store skincare and sheetmasks

Finding Skincare Storage Shelves

I picked up three of these plastic stacking shelves from Walmart to help get everything organized and sorted into groups. I have a few Vitamin C and Retinol serums that I keep in my skincare fridge, but other than that all the skincare I own fit nicely onto these shelves. If you’re not sure what products can benefit from refrigeration be sure to check out my guide here.

Where should skincare be stored?

I’ve also made sure that the skincare storage is kept far away from the sink/shower area and any windows. Heat and sunlight can cause serums and products with active ingredients to break down and lose their potency. Vitamin C is especially persnickety and can actually cause your serum to turn orange if stored improperly. You can learn more about how serums break down here.

Skincare Storage: How to store skincare and sheetmasks

I separated the products into masks, serums and eye treatments, and cleansers/toners. I picked up this spooky “Potions and Poisons” carriage at a Halloween clearance sale and it’s been the perfect place to store sheet masks. My collection will most likely outgrow this little carriage so I will need to find a larger container to house my love of sheet masks.

I don’t reach for sheet masks as often as I should and there are always two or three masks included in the various subscription boxes that I’ve signed up for so the pile has been growing more than shrinking.

Skincare Storage: How to store sheet masks

Designing my custom sign w/Smart Sign

The customization process was simple and very quick! I designed this sign for my skincare corner but these signs are rustproof and can be used outdoors as well! Their customer service team worked with me to ensure the artwork I submitted would print beautifully and it came out looking amazing. I’m still very new in the digital art game so I greatly appreciated their suggestions to ensure the logo didn’t become grainy or pixelated. 🙂

Smart Sign is a USA based company and you can check them out here. You can also use their templates to create a custom design if you don’t want to use original artwork as I did for my sign.

Smart Sign Custom Aluminum Blog Sign

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