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10 Must-Have Korean Skincare Products under $10 on Amazon

10 Must-Have Korean Skincare Products under $10 on Amazon

Korean skincare and mindlessly scrolling Amazon for deals are my top two vices, so let’s funnel that into something good! I’ve thrown together my top 10 Korean skincare products on Amazon for under ten bucks, keep scrolling to learn about some unique and affordable K-Beauty […]

I Dew Care Disco Kitten

I Dew Care Disco Kitten

Disco Kitten Illuminating Peel-Off Mask I actually bought this mask by accident to be perfectly honest! I’ve been trying to track down a tub of Space Kitten for eons, but for some reason, it’s constantly out of stock at my local beauty store. On my last visit a […]

I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Holographic Peel-Off Mask Review

I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Holographic Peel-Off Mask Review

Hi there! I had a stroll through Ulta last weekend while the BF was looking over PS4 accessories in the strip mall downtown; I somehow managed to make my way home with only two goodies!  I’ll let in you on the second item in a few […]

Masqueology Hyaluronic Rubber Peel Off Mask

Hello Lovelies! I splurged and snagged a few beauty goodies at the store the other day; the first one I tried out of the batch is a Masqueology Hylaronic Modeling Peel Off Mask. The package is actually built to expand into a “cup” once you rip […]

Kocostar Fruit Slice Mask Sheet

Hello Lovelies! A new breed of face mask has popped into the beauty blogosphere, slice face masks! I first stumbled upon these in my Instagram feed, they were created by a Korean company called Kocostar. Affiliate links below, this just means if you snag a […]

Golden Beauty Routine

Hiya!You know how people talk about reaching milestones in relationships like wearing your ratty sweatpants around your significant other or getting ready in the morning together when you’re still a half-asleep grumpy zombie?I’m of the opinion that if you can wander the house in a […]

Making new habits

Morning all! Well hey there, long time no see….. sorry about the radio silence! I decided making mini posts for every nail design is redundant since I post almost the exact same thing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so I’m going to start only posting […]

Keeva Tea Tree Oil Serum

Morning all!In the past I would make sure to use a serum every night,  usually something with hyaluronic acid or retinol, but lately my skincare routine has gotten extremely basic, I usually just use some jojoba oil and that’s it.Not all serums play nice with jojoba oil, I’ve […]

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