Molten Blueberries

Morning all!

I’m reviewing some new duochrome polishes that Born Pretty sent over for me to try out, I was sent this blueberry shade and also an emerald green polish which I’ll also be swatching in a few days.

These aren’t individually named; this is shade is #223 from their chameleon collection, it shifts from a royal purple to a deep sapphire. Application was a little fussy, this is actually four coats because it was coming out patchy, but it leveled out nicely and is definitely worth the effort!
I really like these brushes, they’re similar to Sally Hansen X-Treme wear, I love the rounded ends because it makes getting a clean finish around the cuticle super easy without having to go back with a clean up brush & acetone.
Here’s the link to the polish, and if you get to shopping around, this code is good for 10% off: ALBK31

Pop by again sometime~

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