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We were only trying to drown her

Morning all!I wish I could wear mermaid everything, but for now I’ll have to make do with my nails 🙂 That darker shade is actually a textured polish, I was going for a scaly sandy look, but somehow it didn’t dry textured?? Still looks cute […]

Molten Blueberries

Morning all!I’m reviewing some new duochrome polishes that Born Pretty sent over for me to try out, I was sent this blueberry shade and also an emerald green polish which I’ll also be swatching in a few days.These aren’t individually named; this is shade is #223 from their chameleon collection, […]

L’oreal Hidden Gems

Morning all~ I was making a polish run at Walgreens to see if they had any of the new Wet n Wild Nail Tints yet, and I found this lovely L’oreal on clearance for 3.98, so she had to come home with me. This is […]

Shimmering Creme Floral

Morning all!I’ve decided to start trying bolder color combos, I feel like my colors schemes have been pretty blah lately, so today I put together two radically different shades, and I think it turned out gorgeous!I have the neon pink Salon Perfect Oh Snap! and […]

I’ll have a blue raspberry!

Morning everyone!It seems the whole novelty finish polish craze has completely died out, I used to see crackle top coat, magnetic and textured nails all over the blogosphere, but not so much nowadays.I tried to think outside the box and paint a design that relied […]

Swatch Sunday: Wet n Wild Megalast Violet Attack

Morning everyone!This is Wet n Wild Megalast Violet Attack, I recently used it as a base for the Prisoner of Azkaban nails, and I wanted to show you what this lovely sapphire blue looked like before I cloaked it in glitter and stamping.It’s a highly pigmented and […]

I solemnly swear I am up to no good

Good morning lovelies!I just re-read Prisoner of Azkaban a couple weeks ago, so when Lady Queen sent me hehe plate 032, I had to get it on my nails asap!POA is my favorite book in the series, mainly because it has a ton of funny classroom […]

L.A Colors Color Last Tradition

Good morning lovelies!I have another swatch from the new Color Last line by L.A Colors, this is Tradition!It’s a pastel tiffany blue creme, I’m wearing two coats w/shiny topcoat in these swatches. It’s very opaque and creamy, so if you’re careful it could be a […]

Swatch Sunday: Delush Polish Freak Show Spectacle

Good morning lovelies!I’ve been neglecting my indie polishes, it’s been a couple months since I featured one! This is Delush Polish Freak Show Spectacle, I won a mini bottle in a giveaway a couple years back, but it ended up hidden in a little storage box. […]

Geometric Glitter Tutorial

Good morning lovelies!I’ve pulled out one of my favorite polishes for today’s design, this is Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria, it’s a gorgeous sapphire blue glitter bomb, it’s like it was almost designed for me, haha. Mani Ingredients: Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria Pure Ice […]

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