Jason & the Argan Oil Review and How to Keep Lush Shampoo Bars From Crumbling

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I discovered the awesomeness that is Lush a couple months ago, and this is the very first thing I bought, the Jason & The Argan Oil solid shampoo bar. It has an absolutely amazing scent that I love, they describe it as rose jam. Lush’s website claims that these will hold up to 80 washes, so I decided to put this to the test and see if it came anywhere near that high benchmark.
I’ve been using this little guy for a couple months now, I lost track but I’m somewhere around 40 uses. About 25 in, it started to crumble horribly, and little pieces would get left behind in the container I kept it in every time I took it out. I looked it up to see if I had gotten a dud, but apparently most of Lush’s shampoo bars crumble into bits, the best fix I could find was to re-shape it into a bar with cheesecloth, but I didn’t think that would help for very long.
My mom used to make felted bar soaps (like these), so I figured why not try it out with this to salvage my shampoo bar?

So I put it into this wool knitted pouch, and let it do it’s own thing in there. I don’t know if it just kept crumbling in there, or if being pressed into the pouch made it keep it’s shape, but whatever it did, it’s working, I admit it’s pretty funky looking, but hey it works! I have to lather it up to properly get my hair sudsed up, but  now I’ll probably be able to get at least another ten washes out of it. And since this was a nearly ten dollar bar, I want to use up every last bit!

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