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How to DIY LUSH Big Shampoo

How to DIY LUSH Big Shampoo

Hey there! I’ve started a new habit of thoroughly checking out the ingredients of all beauty products before I hand over my wallet. The number one reason is to see if the price is sensible compared to the ingredients; and number two, to see if […]

Thoughts on Lush Metamorphosis

Hello Lovelies! I want to share some of my thoughts on my latest bath bomb experiment, today I’m trying the Lush Metamorphosis bath bomb! I’ve also included a short video demo so you can see the bomb in action. I’m terrible at describing scents, so I’m […]

Green Coconut Lush Jelly Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a jelly bomb for months; I finally got one! Unfortunately, (or on the other hand, fortunately for my wallet) the closest Lush is over 2 hours away so it’s a lengthy expedition to get myself […]

Lush Pink Bath Bomb Review & Demo

Hello Lovelies!I only venture to Lush a couple times a year (mainly because I live so far away from my local store), and every single time I’m hit with the dilemma of “Aaaah everything smells so good and is so pretty, I want everything in […]

Jason & the Argan Oil Review and How to Keep Lush Shampoo Bars From Crumbling

Hello Lovelies! I discovered the awesomeness that is Lush a couple months ago, and this is the very first thing I bought, the Jason & The Argan Oil solid shampoo bar. It has an absolutely amazing scent that I love, they describe it as rose […]

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