Green Coconut Lush Jelly Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies!
I’ve been dying to get my hands on a jelly bomb for months; I finally got one! Unfortunately, (or on the other hand, fortunately for my wallet) the closest Lush is over 2 hours away so it’s a lengthy expedition to get myself up there to sate my desire for expensive bath bombs.
I hit up Lush on the way back from our big thrifting trip last weekend and snagged a Green Coconut Jelly Bath Bomb along with a couple samples. One of the biggest reasons I love Lush in spite of the high price-tags, is that you can always try the products out before shelling out your hard earned cash, either by bringing home a sample or trying it out in person at the store.
bath bomb
bath bomb

I split the bath bomb in two to stretch it farther. Even with just half of the bath bomb, it still turned my entire bath into an amazing foamy green and slimy in a good way texture. I can see how the slippery gooey feeling might turn some people off, but I love it! It left my skin incredibly soft and moisturized, this would be wonderful to use after shaving your legs to smooth everything out and prevent razor bumps. I could probably even half it again and still get a great result after using a quarter of the bath bomb. 

Since my skin is on the sensitive side, I rarely spend over $15.00 on a new skincare product because more often than not it’ll end up breaking me out, and I just hate getting stuck with a pot of something I can’t use. I’ve been eyeing a cleanser called Herbalism for quite a while,  one of my favorite YouTubers Carrie Hope Fletcher is always raving about it, and I love herbal scents! I brought home this cute ‘lil pot to experiment with and although I do love the scent and feel, I’m not loving the $20 price-tag for such a small portion. 


bath bomb

I snagged a catalog on my way out which has a handy guide in the back showing the full ingredient list for all of Lush’s products. Herbalism has a surprisingly short ingredient list, I did a little research into making a DIY version, and found this super helpful tutorial. Lush also released a video of how they make Herbalism; they’re almost identical! I can get most of the ingredients I’ll need at my local supermarket, but I’ll have to do a bit of digging to find a good deal on the essential oils. Sage oil should be easy, but I’ll have to get the Rose Otto and Blue Chamomile Essential Oil online. 

I’ll get the ingredients for my DIY experiment together sometime next month, keep an eye out for a post to see how it goes!


See you again soon~
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