DIY Instant Makeup Brush Cleanser

Morning all! 

I bought the ingredients for this many moons ago, but somehow the plastic bag got lost in my closet, which I found a couple days ago while I was cleaning! So I decided I’d better put together the cleanser asap before I lose the stuff again…

I’m terrible at cleaning my makeup brushes, I don’t wash them nearly enough, which is probably not the best way to treat my poor skin.
A ton of sprayable makeup brush cleansers have come onto the market recently, usually around 10 bucks for a tiny bottle!
I looked through the ingredients and watched a bunch of different tutorials, took the ingredients I thought were the most useful, and came up with this mixture!

I used one part water and one part rubbing alcohol, a splash of baby shampoo, and about a teaspoon of conditioner, then mixed it together in this old e.l.f makeup setting spray container.

As you can see below, it worked really well! My brushes weren’t as clean as when I go all out with warm water and soap, but it’s a great improvement, and it’ll be nice for in between washings. It has just enough soap to get to lift the makeup from the bristles, but not enough that you have to rinse them.

Pop by again sometime~

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