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Color Club

Hey nubbins, long time no see

Morning all!This is my first mani after the big chop, it feels so strange having short nails, I haven’t had them this short in over a year! It’s kinda nice to start fresh again, I’m constantly being asked how I got them so long, so I […]

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Morning all!I’ve pulled my nail vinyls from the deep depths of my polish hoard once again, these are from the webshop Zanthara!These started off with a base of OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts, then after applying the vinyls I went in with Wet n Wild Garnet […]

Double Fishbone Stamping

Good morning lovelies!Lady Queen sent me a couple stamping plates to review, and one image on JQ-L18 stood out to me, it reminds me of a fishbone design, and I thought it’d look interesting if I double stamped it in opposite directions. I started with […]

Born Pretty Plate BPL-027 w/Color Club Pucci-licious

Hello there!The weekend can’t come fast enough, I hope the day goes by quickly! I have a couple exciting product reviews to write up over the weekend, and some new polishes from L.A Colors I’m dying to show you.But today I have a quick little […]

Color Club Over the Moon

Good morning lovelies!I swear the minute I decided to swatch something holographic, clouds rolled in and it started raining. This always seems to happen to me….These are actually day 3 pics, I gave up on trying to take pics with real sunlight, I did my […]

Louboutin Watermelons

Good morning lovelies!I’ve just now realized that Louboutin style nails are actually really easy to do with my nail length, I haven’t done a design like this in years, last time I had much shorter tips, and they were a major pain.I went for an […]

Color Club Mad Batter

Good morning lovelies!Color Club Mad Batter is one of my favorite speckled polishes; that’s what I like to call this breed of glittery creme.Speckled cremes look great layered with other glitters, and really pop when layered under some stamping.This is three coats of Mad Batter […]

Illegible Text w/BM-705

Good morning lovelies!This is a purely random design, while I was putting my new Mochi stamper to the test, I was using my evilest most intricate stamping plates, and one of the first I tried was for this mani; I used BM-705.I wasn’t thinking about actually […]

Speckled Floral with BM-724

Good morning lovelies!I was playing around with my Bundle Monster Mochi stamper, and I basically just looked for the stamping image with the thinnest lines I could find, because I wanted to really put it to the test. It stamped really well, and picked up […]

One Punch Man Nails

Good morning lovelies!I finished watching One Punch Man a couple weeks ago, and usually I’m not much for action flicks, but the dead pan humor of the show got me hooked.These nails showcase the main character Saitama, and they were directly inspired by this image. The gloved […]

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