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Month: June 2016

L’oreal Too Dimensional?

Morning lovelies!I don’t have much to say beyond, this is so gorgeous! *drools over the pretty glitter* This is three coats of L’oreal Too Dimensional, it’s a lavender base with a strong gold shimmer and silver micro hexes. It dries to a subtle texture finish, […]

#PolishMountain Glitter Addition! 160+ Coats

It kinda looks like a wave right? Morning all!Yeah, I did it. The moment Christine published that video, friends were tagging me in it left and right, so I decided I should put my stash to work and beat her 116 coat count. And also […]

L’oreal Hidden Gems

Morning all~

I was making a polish run at Walgreens to see if they had any of the new Wet n Wild Nail Tints yet, and I found this lovely L’oreal on clearance for 3.98, so she had to come home with me. This is L’oreal Hidden Gems, it’s a deep indigo with sapphire and silver mini hex glitter, and it dries to a textured finish. This is three coats, and it has an awesome wear time, but textured polishes always tend to wear well. 

Pop by again sometime~

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Keeva Tea Tree Oil Serum

Morning all!In the past I would make sure to use a serum every night,  usually something with hyaluronic acid or retinol, but lately my skincare routine has gotten extremely basic, I usually just use some jojoba oil and that’s it.Not all serums play nice with jojoba oil, I’ve […]

What’s up buttercup? + some snapshots of the past week

Morning all! I feel like the past couple weeks have been insanely busy, but in reality I’ve not gotten much done :/ I’m lagging behind on reviews so this weekend is going to be spent playing catch up, and probably wasting time playing Agario (I […]

The Nail Art Alphabet

A is for Acetone

Evening all!

This post has been a long time coming, un-surprisingly it was tough to come up with a nail art technique for every letter of the alphabet, I cheated a bit on a couple letters, but this was a lot of fun to pull together! And be sure to check out the accounts of these awesome nail artists to see more of their work.

B is for Bubble Nails

C is for Creme

D is for Dry Brushing

A video posted by Ard As Nails (@ardasnailsuk) on

E is for Emery Boards! 

A photo posted by R. B. Pillay (@rbpillay) on

F is for Fish Tails

G is for Gradient 

H is for Holographic 

I is for Ikat 

A photo posted by Chalkboard Nails (Sarah) (@chalkboardnails) on

J is for Jelly 

K is for Konad 

L is Louboutin Tips

A photo posted by Катя Самбука (@miss_saambuuka) on

M is for Monarch Wings 

A photo posted by Kasey Brenelle (@kaseybrenelle) on

N is for Nubbins! 

O is for One Stroke

P is for Pond Mani 

Q is for Quilted Nails 

R is for Ruffian Nails 

S is for Shattered Nails 

T is for Textured 

U is for UV Gel 

W is for Watermarble 

X is for X’s and O’s 

A photo posted by Heather @ Gossip Salon Studios (@heathertellez) on

Y is for Yellow Nails (my least used color) 

A photo posted by heart-nails_Ire_nee (@heartnails_ire_neee) on

And Z is for Zebra Print! 

Pop by again sometime~ 

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Mmmmm doughnuts

Morning all!I have another yummy mani using the Bundle Monster plate BM-614, it’s so hard to find a plate where I love every single image. I’m thinking on using the cats next, so keep an eye out!I’m not fond of how this color combo looks, too […]

Milk & Cookie Cravings

Morning all!I’m trying to stay positive with these shorty nails by using my smaller stamping images, before the chop I was never be able to use a lot of my bundle monster full nail images because they were too short to cover my whole nail, […]

Shimmering Creme Floral

Morning all!

I’ve decided to start trying bolder color combos, I feel like my colors schemes have been pretty blah lately, so today I put together two radically different shades, and I think it turned out gorgeous!

I have the neon pink Salon Perfect Oh Snap! and a teal shimmer; Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost. I stamped with BC-08 and finished it off with Wet n Wild Shiny Top Coat.

Pop by again sometime~

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Hey nubbins, long time no see

Morning all!This is my first mani after the big chop, it feels so strange having short nails, I haven’t had them this short in over a year! It’s kinda nice to start fresh again, I’m constantly being asked how I got them so long, so I […]

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