#PolishMountain Glitter Addition! 160+ Coats

It kinda looks like a wave right?

Morning all!

Yeah, I did it. The moment Christine published that video, friends were tagging me in it left and right, so I decided I should put my stash to work and beat her 116 coat count. And also to give credit where credit is due, the Varnished Valkyrie is the original queen of #polishmountain, although she stopped at a mere 53 coats. Also I don’t see how this is taking people so long? I got to 160 in under 4 hours easy, and that’s with drying breaks and lunch.

This did help me weed out any dried out polishes from my hoard, I ended up tossing around six bottles while I was working my way through.
Beyond the whole you probably shouldn’t do this in the first place, doing it in hot weather is a rather stupid idea. The polish was literally melting off the sides of my nails and not drying one lick.
I think I cheated by using glitter toppers near the end, the last 40 coats were all glitter. I gave up after 162 coats as the nail polish was literally dripping right off, my nubbins probably contributed to that, I think longer nailed ladies have it easier trying to pile more polish on.

I only took one process photo while I was still making my way through the cremes, it started doing this funky water marble!

Pop by again sometime~

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