What’s up buttercup

Hello Lovelies!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

reading: Undertow by Michael Buckley,
watching: Karnival, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, GoT,
listening to: necrosis,
feeling: happy that my kitty is all healed up and doesn’t have to wear the cone of shame anymore,
looking forward to: WTNV’s book tour in october,
buying: some china glazes that have been on my want list for ages,
wearing: wendy corduroy cosplay for the first time round,
planning on: getting a new haircut soon!
on my nails: bright green plaid,
eating: onion rings and chicken coconut curry,

drinking: lots of english breakfast tea,
wanting: OPI Baroque But Still Shopping,
making: scarfs at work, might start a new project tonight,
liking: that it’s gotten cool enough that I can break out my sweaters from the depths of my closet,
disliking: that I spilled hotpocket guts all over one of said sweaters….

See ya later~


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