Welcome to Night Vale Skittle

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to Night Vale recently had a book tour for their new book, and I was able to go to their stop in Portland! Hank Green was also moderating the tour, so I was very excited to say the least.
I went all out and did a WTNV skittle-ish kind of design, I alternated between Wet n Wild Candid Affair and 2% Milk for the base of each nail, the tentacles were stamped with BM-401, and the rest of the detailing was done with various polishes and a detail brush.

I have Khoshekh the floating cat on my pinkie, the Arby’s logo but in WTNV shades, the signature eye, some tentacles for Cecil, and on my thumb I wrote King City because that’s a huge plot point in the new book.

I’ve been itching to try out this liquid peel off tape that Born Pretty sent me for review, and even though this stamping didn’t turn out too messy, I took some pics of the liquid tape before and after stamping. I was surprised, this stuff was lightly berry scented, which was a nice surprise! It helped a lot with cleanup, and I’m really looking forward to using it the next time I watermarble, because the main reason I don’t watermarble much is because of the dreadful mess. Here’s the link to it, and this code is good for 10% off: ALBK31

See you later~

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