Finding your Wedding Inspiration

Find Your Wedding Inspiration

Finding wedding inspiration to decorate your dream day can be just a tad overwhelming. I’m getting hitched this summer and today I’m sharing some of my go-to sources for wedding inspiration!


Wedding Inspiration Websites

Pinterest is fine and dandy for organizing your pictures and finding colors and themes, but there is so much more to the online wedding community!

Here are some of my top go-to websites for finding wedding ideas:

1. Martha Stewart Weddings (an oldie but a goodie!)


3. Offbeat Bride (for some truly funky ideas!)

4. The Knot

5. Bridal Guide

Wedding and Bride TV Shows

I used to watch shows like Bridezillas and Say Yes To The Dress 24/7 when I was a teenager so I have already sunk countless hours into this area. I always have television playing in the background while writing and a lot of the bridal reality tv shows actually have ideas that could be applied in reality! It’s nice to see the big picture from different ceremonies and receptions instead of just the perfect photos from just the right angle.

Cheapest Weddings was an enjoyable one; it made me realize that Ebay is definitely a valuable wedding shopping tool. I’ll admit that some wedding reality shows are not quite as practical in the wedding planning process, but they’re still good background noise! Unveiled is definitely one of my guilty pleasure shows. The show follows brides going in for cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, and laser skin treatments before the big day. Shows of that nature make me feel much more reasonable about dropping cash on new makeup products and haircare. I’m not quite that high maintenance (yet)!


Broaden Your Search

Make sure you don’t limit yourself to looking at only wedding specific themes and activities! We had a hell of a time finding any decent ideas for wedding games for the reception; most sites cycle through the same boring list of games over and over and it can be difficult to find something that clicks for you and won’t be a bore (yes, we know giant Jenga and corn hole toss is a thing, thank you and next please!).

Wedding Sign Inspiration

I stumbled on the idea of balloon darts for our reception in an old DIY summer carnival blog post. Pinterest is a great source for wedding inspiration, but it gets repetitive fast and the same “trendy” pins tend to float to the top of the feed.


Think back to past parties or events you’ve attended, what stuck out in your mind? I once went to a birthday party with archery out back; you’ll be hard pressed to find that suggested on a wedding site! Practically anything can be worked into your festivities on the big day. The sky’s the limit!

If your wedding date is near a date like Halloween, the 4th of July, or another popular holiday you can also look up games or activities to go with the holiday. You might find something unique and have a blast when you put your own personal twist on it.


Finding Wedding Photo Inspiration

Surprisingly enough, diving into the wedding hashtags on Instagram has given me a ton of adorable photo op ideas for our wedding day. You can save them to a collection and then easily pull them up and not forget any cute photo prompts. I also like seeing the candid snaps from weddings as opposed to only photos taken by a pro. 

Bride and Groom Wedding Photo Inspiration
What’s your go-to source for wedding inspiration? I’ve still got time left on the clock and would love to hear your suggestions!

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