Splat No Bleach Color Designed for Brunettes

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been chasing the perfect dark purple hair dye for about a year now. After a couple hits and misses I’d finally settled on using Schwarzkopf Ultime in Amethyst Black, I’ve used that shade three or four times now.

 A couple days ago an ad for Splat’s new line of hair dye caught my eye, it claims to be designed with brunettes in mind and promises bright colors with no bleach.
I knew there was no way in hell my hair could go to a bright purple, but it would at least be a fun experiment in my quest for the perfect inky indigo. I went with the shade Midnight Amethyst.

The picture on the right is the before, I’d gone about 4 months from my last dye job so I was working with about 1.5 inches of natural root. 
The left is after, I snapped that picture real quick before running into an anime convention, I apologize for the shoddy driver’s seat selfie. I was cosplaying Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service (also the main reason I touched up my hair color, haha).

This is an incredibly pigmented dye, which I should have expected from the no bleach needed slogan. So needless to say this stained horribly; it was worse than any dye I’ve used before.

I was not a smart cookie and skipped putting Vaseline around my hairline and on my ears, do not follow my example! It also took ages for the water to run clear while I was rinsing the dye out, probably three times longer than usual. But it definitely gave an impressive color payoff, it’s a lovely dark purple. It looks even better in sunlight, the purple really pops. I was shocked that the dye had no scent to speak of, it was almost truly scentless. 

I’m planning on re-purchasing this depending on how the color holds up, I’ll update this post after a couple washes and let you know how it’s doing.

~Edit~ 3/15/17

This has gone through about six washes and I’m not impressed. My roots a.k.a virgin hair still have a dark purple tint, but the rest of my hair has completely reverted to what it was before. After the first wash there was a huge difference. Even though I washed with cool water this bled horribly and did not have any lasting power. I won’t be using this again, I’m definitely going back to my tried and true Schwarzkopf Ultime in Amethyst Black.

See you later~

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