Scorpians, KFC Flavored Nail Polish, & Twisted Bottles?!


Morning everyone!

This past month has been pretty crazy for the nail world, Essie is releasing a new line of totally re-vamped polishes in twisted bottles, nail salons in Mexico have started a scorpion manicure trend, & KFC made chicken flavored nail polish??
I couldn’t make this up if I tried, I’m going to be buying some of the new Essie bottles once they hit the shelves, and those scorpion nails do look pretty cool, but I’ll have to pass on having “finger licking good” nails.

KFC released two flavors of nail polish, Hot & Spicy and Original Recipe, it’s a Hong Kong exclusive (for now) to create hype for the brand, but apparently if it does well enough over there, they’re considering mass producing it! Supposedly it’s all natural ingredients so it’s safe to eat, and it dries to a hard finish like a normal varnish.

Now for the new product I’m really excited for, Essie’s Gel Couture line! There are 42 new shades, you can click here to see swatches of all 42! I’m loving Twill Seeker & Hang Up The Heels.

The bottles are inspired by twirling dresses on a runway, and the brush stems are twisted as well.
Essie claims it will guide the polish down around the stem onto the brush to prevent any drips while painting.

Are you going to snag any of the new Essie polishes? And I’d love to hear your thoughts on KFC’s concoction or if you’d dare to have scorpions on your nails!

Pop by again sometime~

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