Organizing my glitter topper mess

Hello Lovelies!

I haven’t been using my glitter toppers in my nail art as much lately because my polish stash has gotten super disorganized, and my glitter polish box is even worse.
But I found a way to lessen the chaos by a bit, I was sent these nail pop rings by LadyQueen, they’re little plastic ring with a nail to swatch your polish on.
They fit onto the lid of almost all my polishes, except especially large ones like OPI and China Glaze, since their lids are pretty chubby.
It’s really helpful to see which ones have a colored base or clear, and what shapes of glitter are in there, because it can be difficult to tell by just looking at the bottle if I haven’t used that one in a while.
If you check out LadyQueen‘s site, this code is good for 15% off: MWLC15

See you later~

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