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OMD2 day one sleepy narwhales

Hello Lovelies!

I’m starting the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux challenge! You can read up on all the rules and find the link ups here. There’s also a giveaway to go with the challenge, every mani you do for the daily themes earns you a entry to the giveaways at the bottom of the page I linked above.

Day one’s theme is mint! I wanted to do something freehand since I’ve been doing simpler nail art these past few posts, I painted a little sleepy narwhal on my thumb and then stamped over a mint base for the rest of my nails.

My mint base is Pure Ice home run and a thin coat of Revlon whimsical, I painted the narwhale with Orly star of bombay, NYC in a new york color minute sidewalkers, and an unnamed Pink Ice by rue21 polish. The stamping was done with Wet n Wild Wild Shine french white creme and Wistonia plate W111.

Thanks for reading!

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