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OMD2 blue ikat nails

Hello Lovelies!

It’s day 13 of the OMD2 challenge and today’s theme in Ikat! I’ve only done Ikat nails once before, and I wanted to try using a different pattern this time, I was inspired by this print. I simplified it quite a bit, but I tried to use all the different colors that were in the original.

I started by doing splotches of the darkest blue over each nail and then went around them with all the other blue polishes. With my second darkest polishe I made little tips around each splotch, I used a detail brush for all of that.

Polishes I used:

Wet n Wild wild shine clear nail protector,
Wet n Wild wild shine french white creme,
Orly star of bombay,
Klean Color midnight queen,
Jordana boy oh boy,
NYC in a new york color minute robin’s egg blue,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for reading!

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