Mochi Stamper by Bundle Monster

Good morning lovelies!

I have an exciting review for you today, I’m testing out the giant Mochi stamper by Bundle Monster! This came out near the end of January, it comes with the stamper holder and two scraper cards, and right now it’s listed as 13.99 on BM’s site.
If you’ve been visiting the blog the past couple weeks you will have seen a couple mentions of the stamper, and the results of my stamping experiments.
But today I’d like to go over my thoughts on the stamper itself!

It’s 4.5 in. x 1.9 in. x 1.1 in. And it comes seated in a gray rectangular plastic holder. Getting the hang of using it took some trial and error, and because I was trying to get an entire plate image to transfer, I wasted quite a bit of polish….
But it was worth it in the end! I did lightly prime this with a buffing block, and I had to wash it with dish soap to remove some oily residue.
This will be amazing for doing multiple decals at a time, I’ve tried the whole ziplock bag thing and could never get it to work, so this will be a lifesaver. After priming, it picks up delicate images easily; it just takes a bit of practice to get the right rolling motion down.
I’d say it’s a medium squishy marshmallow, and just a bit sticky to the touch.

Pop over again tomorrow morning!

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