Lush Pearl Massage Bar & Montalbano Shampoo Bar

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Hi there!
If you’ve been reading this site for a hot minute, you would know I have an *cough un-healthy cough* addiction to Lush.
These are the two latest products to seduce their way home with me; a Pearl Massage Bar and the Montalbano Shampoo Bar.
This is the second shampoo bar I’ve tried, and although it’s been over three years since the last bar so my memories are a tad fuzzy, the Montalbano has left an awesome impression compared to what I remember of Jason & the Argan Oil.
I was tentative to buy another bar because the last one was very difficult to lather up which caused it to crumble apart quickly. Montalbano lathers quickly into a rich foam and I’m in love with the lemony scent, citrus is my weakness when it comes to bath and body products. It also has tiny slices of dried lemon suspended in the soap which are a cute touch.
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Pearl is a cocoa/shea butter massage bar with tapioca and sago bubbles suspended in the mix to provide some friction.

Inspired by bubble tea, this Rose Jam-scented bar will make you feel and smell great. Got sore spots? Not for long! We make this one with tapioca and sago bubbles to knead out muscle tension and help you feel relaxed. Argan and rose oils blend together and melt directly onto your skin to nourish and soothe skin and leave it smelling sweet, fruity and floral. It’s oh-so-good for tired and weary minds and bodies.

The scent of this bar is heavenly, it rode home in my purse and now everything smells of rose~ The “bubbles” are definitely on the scratchy side, if I’m very gentle while rubbing the bar they’re bearable, but I tend to use the reverse side to avoid them.

Besides the rough bubbles, I adore this massage bar. I’m strongly considering re-purchasing it once I run out!

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Have you tried a shampoo bar before? What did you think of it?

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