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KB Shimmer Daisy About You with Floral Stamping

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been experimenting with different hand poses and lighting, and I think I’ve finally landed on what I’ve been trying to find. I’ve been trying to get my lamp set up so I can take pictures after dark, but these outdoor pictures look lightyears better, so I think I’ll just try to time my manis so I can take pictures in the day.
I’ve been digging into my untrieds, and I picked KB Shimmer Daisy About You for today’s nails!

KB Shimmer Daisy About You

Daisy About You is a pastel mint creme with lime green, lavender, and white glitters in hex, square, and micro forms.
This is three easy coats, I was expecting more glitter on the nail, but I didn’t fish around at all so this is just what came out on the brush. Next time I’ll try leaving the bottle upside down for a while before polishing so the glitters will come out easier.

KB Shimmer Daisy About You

KB Shimmer Daisy About You

I stamped it with BM-419 and Konad White, I love this delicate floral print over the mint! I’m looking forward to using it in spring designs.

KB Shimmer Daisy About You

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