I could never go on without you, green eyes

Hello Lovelies!

I have a new Dream Eyes colored contact lens review for you today! These are the Green Sparkle contact lenses from Spooky Eyes, they’re a mix of a bright forest green and the outer ring is a darker muddy green. Spooky Eyes sent me these to review, they’re a huge online store that carries all sorts of colored contact lenses.
These weren’t quite as comfortable as the last set they sent me, but my eyes have been a little irritated lately, even with just my regular makeup, so that might just be me.

I’m really happy with how well they blend with my natural eye color, I like how the color around the center is sort of jagged, so there isn’t a definite line between the contact lens, and my eye.
I’m excited to wear these with my Nyo!England cosplay, her eyes are about as green as you can get, haha.

And so you can get a feel for the huge difference these made, the picture below is my natural eye color~

See you later~

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