Hoard Update-November

Hello Lovelies!

November was quite a busy month as you can see, lots of additions to the stash. I got my Miss A order, a Born Pretty package that I bought with all my accumulated BPS points, and Zathara plus Lady Queen Beauty sent me some things for review as well.

Pure Ice Oui Oui, Dollface, and Frost Finish Matte Topcoat,
Rimmel London Caramel Cupcake,
BPS Blue Sky Thermal Polish,
WtW French White Creme,
BP-L007 plate,
Aiyoohehe plates 006 & 65.

Jordana Cat Eye Liner in Future,
Lipsticks from BPS,
and I also got Nivea Men’s Aftershave Balm because I’ve heard you can use it as a primer, I’ll be putting that to the test soon!

See you later~

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