Lazy & Easy Gudetama Peeling Mask Review

Gudetama Egg Mask


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I’ve once again fallen prey to cute packaging, but I think I’ve found a real gem here! This is the Lazy & Easy Gudetama Peeling Mask. It’s from the Korean beauty brand Holika Holika. Sanrio collaborated with Holika Holika to create an entire Gudetama inspired beauty line. If you haven’t heard of Gudetama before you need to look him up, he’s an extremely lazy egg that gets up to all sorts of cute little adventures!

Gudetama Peeling Mask Review

It claims to brighten skin, tighten pores, remove dead skin cells, and moisturize. It’s formulated with eggshell and egg yolk extract from Mount Jiri in Korea, so there is some truth behind the cute egg-shaped container! TonyMoly also came out with an egg-shaped cleansing balm that looks really similar.

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Gudetama Peel Mask Before and After

How did it perform?

The mask is a clear gel consistency that dried down within five minutes. It has a very gentle scent, it actually reminds me of Johnson’s baby shampoo for some reason.

This is when the exfoliation came into play, before I rinsed off the mask I rubbed my face in circular motions to make it “peel”. The little white clumps you see above are just dried bunches of the mask, otherwise, I would be concerned at the amount of dead skin from just the back of one hand!

Holika Holika Gudetama

The Packaging

This little guy is a two-piece set up, the top is hard plastic but the base is a pliable rubber so that you can squeeze out the product. His face is a flip top that opens up, it’s been easy to squeeze the product out so far, but as this empties out I have a feeling it will get difficult to get squeeze the remaining product out without removing the cap. 

Holika Holika Lazy and Easy

Would I re-purchase?

My skin immediately felt softer and tightened without the dreaded squeaky clean feeling that a lot of peeling products can cause. I purchased this online for $11.00 and there’s almost 5 oz of product which seems reasonable for the price. I would definitely pick this up again!

Have you tried any Gudetama products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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